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Design to empower people and elevate experiences

Hi, I'm Chi Quach, a designer from Vietnam.

Growing up with an entrepreneur and architect dad, I've always had fascination for design and business. Throughout my journey, I've helped various non-profits, startups, and corporates design brands and solutions.

Design becomes
a part of me

My means of communication

Growing up, communication is not my strongest asset. I've never been a word person.

However, I drew, watercolored, built a city out of toy wood blocks, or created scrapbooks out of a scrappy online photo editor. I communicated my thoughts and emotions through art.

How it all started

Then, I taught myself Adobe Photoshop and Illustration. It began my journey as a visual designer at multiple non-profits and ending up starting my own.

Seeing my works create impacts on the community around me has changed the way I see about art and design.

How is it going

I wanted more.

Product design came along. I fell in love with the problem-solving and business aspect of design. It allows me to solve complex problems, create meaningful solutions, and help making people's life a little better.

In my free time,

I love exploring and being in the nature. Running, swimming in the ocean, and going on walks. Also, I'm a huge foodie, especially Mediterranean cuisine.