I'm Chi. I was born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam.

Growing up with an architect/entrepreneur dad, I've been always drawn into stories about people who build products that forever shape the way we do things.

As a kid who love creative work, I wondered if there was a career path that combined both the design and business worlds. Luckily, I found that in product design.

I love what I do, and I love it even more when I can share my work with talented people who inspire and challenge me.

When I design, I care a lot about my craft. To me, every pixel counts.

I also believe that accessibility should be a default in design. What's the point of a product if my grandparents can't enjoy using it?!

I thrive best in environments that value design, open conversations, innovations, inclusion, ownership, and humility. And the world needs more designer founders!

And here are more about me!

Things I read and listen to:"Build" (Tony Fadell)
"What they teach you at HBS" (Phillip Delves Broughton)
How I built This with Guy Raz
Master of Scale

My hero:Kelly Wearstler, Ha Do, Jessica Ko, Carlos Estrada, Simon Porte Jacquemus, Brian Chesky, Tony Fadell, Fred Again...

I also love spending my days at the beach, jogging, going on walks, dancing to good music, and putting on a cute flowy dress.

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